LS50 Meta

Meta but not data – KEF's fortcoming LS50 Meta and LS50 Wireless II implement the company's new labyrinthine energy absorbers behind their coaxially mounted tweeters, claiming 99% absorption efficiency. The trademark Uni-Q driver sees 12th-gen revisions with a new 'cone neck decoupler' and motor system plus the R range's 'tweeter gap damper'. Inside the enclosure is stronger bracing with constrained-layer damping. As shown, the new colors for LS50 Meta [€1'199/pr] are black, grey, white and blue. The fully active Wireless II [€2'495/pr] gets a new 280-watt class D power module for the mid/woofer and 100-watt class A/B tweeter driver. It also gets all new DSP, high-rate PCM/DSD support, Roon Ready and more. Wired data from master-to-slave speaker propagates at 192kHz, wireless downsamples to 96kHz. The Wireless II's colors are black, grey, white and red. Matching S2 stands [€450/pr] are available for either model.