Linlai – As Grant Fidelity report who have imported Psvane tubes into the West for years, in 2019 the Shuguang tube factory shut down due to a land sale and relocated. This had the Psvane factory add manufacture of guitar-amp type tubes to their portfolio whilst some of Psvane's design team split off to form Linlai. That brand continue to specialize in just audiophile valve types. At present Grant Fidelity offer from Linlai their E-B300 permalloy metal plate and WE300B Western Electric replica, E-845 molybdenum plate and WE845 Western Electric replica, E-101D mesh plate, E-2A3 permalloy plate, 845-DG overhung filament and 805A-DG overhung filament power triodes. Grant Fidelity's pre-testing and proven warranty support provide peace of mind. With Western Electric filling no current orders for their 300B reissue, one looks to China instead to get current-production WE-style 300B.