Leto Ultra

Jared's ultra brother – Say hello to Leto Ultra [$9'995] Zesto Audio's new flagship tube linestage with unique 6-pole presence control. Unlike classic tone controls, this one applies no boost and doesn't work in the bass at all. It only trims the HF and starts with -3dB/10kHz and ends with -3dB/1kHz in the maximum setting. In bypass, it's entirely out of the circuit. Over the standard Leto model, Ultra uses upgraded circuitry for enhanced dynamic range, a new 12DW7/ECC832 tube selection, new 3-stage gain for 3/6/9dB of selectable voltage gain, 3/ea. RCA and true balanced XLR inputs, new front-panel LED indicators and a new 9-button remote with controls for input, volume, presence, mute, mono and gain.