Lange Loudspeakers

Long sound – It's Switzerland's Lange Loudspeakers with their Yocto monitor [€8'900/pr] and matching Tera [€7'900/pr] sub. The turbine-shaped monitor in CNC'd aluminium runs an in-house designed/made CNC-machined flat-membrane widebander for no crossover between amp and voice coil. "Back-radiated energy from the diaphragm diffuses into five concentric channels milled around its area so rear-radiated energy flows into them and around a slug-type magnet instead of bouncing back and hitting the diaphragm". Yocto is meant to cross over at 100Hz via a 4th-order high-pass to leave bass to a subwoofer like its stablemate Tera in its 30cm aluminium cube with 2×10" woofers fronted by 600W built-in power. An RJ45 port communicates with the internal DSP for user adjustments. Inputs are on XLR, the power cord connects via Neutrik PowerCon.