L2-in-1 – The Vinnie Rossi range expands with the 100-watt L2i [$12'995] and L2i Signature Edition [$18'995] integrated amplifiers. The former hybrid combines a 6SN7 grounded-grid linestage with an ultra-wide bandwidth class AB Mosfet current buffer and 64-step discrete resistor-ladder volume control with silent Pickering/England relays. The latter hybrid inherits the DHT grounded-grid voltage gain stage and adaptable bias voltage switch of the L2 Signature Preamplifier to accept 2.5V, 4V and 5V direct-heated triodes, then combines those with the Mosfet outputs. Both models have a tube bypass mode which inserts a class A Jfet stage instead of the tubes. Both have RCA/XLR pre-outs and both can be optionally fitted with the L2 DAC and phono modules [$3'495/ea.]. They also ship with ball-bearing vibration attenuating footers and a full-function metal remote wand all in a custom hard travel case.