Kroma Atelier Jovita & Irya

The atelier of Kroma – Granada's speaker house have added the Jovita [€39K/pr] and Irya [€150K/pr] to their ever-expanding portfolio. Jovita is the middle model of the Signature range and a 3-way floorstander with Mundorf AMT surrounded by 6.5" Purifi anodized aluminium mids to which is added an 8" matching woofer in a twin rear-ported synthetic stone enclosure of 48kg. Claimed bandwidth is 25Hz-27kHz, sensitivity 91dB. Irya is the new entry into the Reference Series which introduces curved cabinetry. This 3-way gets front- and rear-firing AMT, dual 6.5" Purifi mids and dual 10" Purifi woofers. Weight scales to 130kg and response to 19Hz-27kHz. Multiple colour finishes await beyond the standard white Krion. Those are red, green, blue, silver, bronze and black. Add €1'400 for Jovita, €2'500 for Irya to eliminate white.