God of war – No, it's not the mighty Mars bar but Kratos the new mono amp from Cees Ruijtenberg of Acelec, Metrum and Sonnet. Conceptualized around tube-hybrid performance executed with high-voltage Fet instead to drive class AB output Mosfets, "the measurable properties are identical to triodes without their aging". A 400-watt power supply generates 50/90 watts into 8/4Ω with output noise of just 350µVrms. Bandwidth is 10Hz-90kHz -3dB. Input impedance is 15kΩ on RCA, 60kΩ on XLR. Voltage gain is 30dB, max power consumption 400 watts.  The EU price with 21% VAT is €5'500/pr, €4'545/pr for the rest of the world.