Kinki news

790 + 791 = $45'000 – Yes, that's the math of Kinki Studio's new top separates of 790 preamp [$20K] and 600-watt 791 monos [€25K/pr] teased in the linked-to announcement. In it we read of 4 x 800VA transformers per mono coupled to 88'000µF of capacitance and 8 pairs of lateral Exicon Mosfets. The preamp offers 0, 3 or 6dB of voltage gain, dual RCA and XLR inputs each, twin RCA and single XLR outputs and mounts the signal-path circuity on an elaborate suspension system to float above the dual-mono power supply. Clearly this company is no longer content to just be called a high-value brand from China. That tiger has roared, that ship sailed. Of course their current range remains available. It's the new top tier that's now hunting big-game shoppers. And who knows, forthcoming reviews could find that the value equation remains because Kinki now compete with Gryphon, Pass and other heavy hitters on their own turf?