Kinki Earth

Kinki Earth – It's the new cable range from Kinki Studio resulting from a "one-year collaboration with a cable manufacturer to develop our own line of studio-grade audio cables". The Earth range encompasses power cords, RCA/XLR interconnects and speaker cables. Sheaths and dielectrics are DuPont PTFE, conductors mono-crystal copper plated "with 2.2 x the thickness of ordinary silver plate" then surface-polished. A central passive ring absorber "effectively reduces EMI above 100kHz". Connectors are copper with thick gold plating. Each terminated cable undergoes 3-stage -196C° cryogenic treatment. Speaker cable terminations are spade or banana. Intro pricing is RCA 1/1.5m/pr = $275/365; XLR 1/1.5m/pr = $295/385, speaker cable 2.5/3.5m/pr = $685/865, power cord 1.5/2m = $315/415.