Kii updates

Kiss the rainbow with Kii – New factory, new colors, lower prices. In addition to their ten existing finishes, Kii Audio just added Rossa Corsa, Iced Titanium Metallic, Iced Sapphire Metallic and Iced Green Metallic all against the established black-anodized driver trim. A new facility in Germany's Hamminkeln managed to lower production costs which the company roll over to the end user. The Kii 3 monitor with Control in white or grey now gets €15'775, the floorstanding BXT version €29'775. Add €2'000 for premium lacquers on the monitor, twice that for the floorstander. Multiple digital inputs, remote control, advanced DSP facilities, full amplification and cardioid dispersion for highly directional not omni bass are all part of the recipe. Add streamer. Done.