KEF LS60 Wireless

60-year old kefir? – That's KEF's new 30kg/ea. LS60 Wireless [€6'495/pr], kinda, by celebrating already 60 years of big business. It takes the LS50 Wireless II concept off the stand directly onto the floor so includes the W2 streaming platform with support for Bluetooth 4.2, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Google Chromecast Built-In and the service providers Qobuz, Amazon Music, Deezer and QQ Music. Roon Ready is coming. Looking like a squared-off KEF Blade, the LS60 gets a 12th-gen 4-inch Uni-Q coaxial main driver with stacked V-Twin woofers on each side. There's the company's meta material absorber behind the tweeter and each opposing woofer pair couples in the UniCore arrangement first seen in the KC62 subwoofer. That allows the super-narrow 13cm profile which scales to 104cm height and 32cm depth. DSP claims to achieve 26Hz at -6dB and three DACs feed three amplifiers so 500 watts class D to the four woofers and 100 watts class A/B each to the midrange and tweeter. Fanless cooling is via a small air intake above the plinth. Connectivity on the master speaker is line-level RCA, optical, coax, HDMI ARC, RJ45 plus a sub output. The slave gets its own sub output. There's a wired 24/192 capable link between both speaker or a 24/96 wireless option. As shown, available colors are royal blue, mineral white or titanium grey. Kefir. It's really good for ya. And what the photos don't drive home without any size reference is that a modern Samsung smartphone will be longer than the LS60 Wireless is wide. At just four hairs above one meter tall, it's also quite short. This is a surprisingly compact design for all the tech that's bundled inside. The balanced-force woofer array insures that the powers that be unleashed won't rock it all sideways. It's an ingenious packaging job.