JCAT Xtreme

Polish luv for your network – Marcin Ostapowicz, founder of JPLAY & JCAT, adds the Optimo 3 Duo power supply [€1'500] and USB Card XE [€800] to his portfolio. "Designed to partner our USB and Net cards as well as any other component requiring up to 3A, the Optimo 3 Duo features two independent galvanically isolated DC outputs each capable of up to 3A. Twelve LT3045 ultra low-noise linear voltage regulators (six per output) produce perfectly clean DC voltage with noise level below 2uV. A bespoke massive low-induction 100VA transformer with magnetic and electrical shielding sealed with epoxy resin guarantees noiseless operation and spectacular dynamics."The Xtreme Edition USB output card uses "state-of-the-art linear power supplies with latest-gen high-precision Emerald OCXO oscillator offering ±5ppb stability."