Innuos 2.0

2.0 – Innuos roll out their new operating system innuOS 2.0 as well as proprietary control app Innuos Sense now available for all Innuos MkII/Mk3 servers and streamers as well as all other powered-by-innuOS devices like Lumin's. "InnuOS 2.0 represents a profound change on both the UI and backend of the music servers and allows complete music library playback and management through a smartphone, tablet or computer. As bonus, the Innuos Sense app is free and available for download for all iOS and Android users." Also, "Innuos is reinforcing its software development team to continue developing innuOS based on customer feedback. For that we launched Feedback Zone which users can access. Upon registration, they can propose new features, check on known issues and vote for the most relevant features they want to see next. Most recently, one of the most voted features—sorting albums by artist name and not only album title—just incorporated in the new 2.0.6 update. As proud as we are of this, we couldn’t leave behind our trusted fans who've been with us from the start. So we're so pleased to introduce the Zen Mk1 trade-in program for all our early adopters who want to experience the innuOS 2.0 platform" said Nuno Vitorino, CTO and co-owner of Innuos. From now until the 31st of December 2021, customers will be able trade in their existing MkI units and receive a discount on an upgrade to any of the Zen Mk3 Series or Statement servers.