in-akustik Reference AC-4500

Get in… – … on in-akustik's new Reference AC-4500 power distributor [€3.5 to 4.5K depending on config]. "We reliably suppress unwanted interference from the mains by filtering out HF common-mode interference directly behind the mains socket with powerful ferrite cores and providing individual components with specific filter banks. At the heart of the AC-4500 Power Station is powerful DC suppression which re-syncs the two half waves in the event of a DC shift, reducing annoying transformer hum and associated distortion. Current distribution is based on a combination of solid copper bars and special solid high-current connectors. This guarantees extremely low transmission resistances. This is housed in a solid metal enclosure with brushed black anodized aluminium front. At the rear, up to six high-quality sockets are shielded from each other in groups." That last detail points at modularity. The AC-4500's vertical-boards build means it can be ordered with the number and type of outlets/filtering desired.