Il Cremonese ex3me

Crèmonese Il Cremonese ex3me to be precise. It's the $58'000/pr Sonus faber overhaul of their 2015 model limited to 50 pairs.  "It embodies a speaker system coming to life by combining elements of the original project like the midrange and woofers with solutions derived from the 30th Anniversary concept  model Ex3ma. The overall aesthetics don't stray from the original except for the tweeter detail which diverges from the arch of the D.A.D. system in favor of a protective grille in front of the beryllium D.L.C. dome. The 5-sided cabinet breaks with the classic lute shape. Taking inspiration from the shape of Sonus faber’s Lilium Collection, Il Cremonese has cleaner lines with a more edgy design aesthetic. Maintaining the absence of parallel walls ensures that the acoustic characteristics are not compromised. This cabinet is further strengthened by two Dampshelves machined from solid aluminum forming the top and bottom of the cabinet."