Hegel P30A & H30A

No haggling with Hegel – At €7'995/€17'995 respectively, the Norwegian's new flagships of PA30 preamp and bridgeable H30A stereo amp are too serious for that. Groomed for elite specs so S/NR better than 130dB, channel separation beyond 100dB and THD below 0.005%, the preamp offers 2:3 XLR:RCA inputs plus one home-theater path and three variable outputs, one on XLR, two on RCA. The power amp with RCA/XLR inputs runs 56 bipolar output transistors, weighs 47kg and in mono mode pumps out a colossal 1'100 watts into 8Ω. Even the revised cosmetics presage seriousness of purpose. Hegel for the big leagues.