hARt Labs, Greece – From Club Med to your listening room, their gear promises "tube sound without the compromise of conventional tube amps due to our unique topology". The Reference line consists of the Tune Two shown, a tube preamp with streamer, DAC, MM/MC phono and headfi; and the Tune Three hybrid stereo power amp with driver tubes and Mosfet outputs. The Superior Line includes the Tune Four paralleled tube preamp and Tune Five hybrid monos. The company will exhibit in the MOC Hall 3 booth M13 and look forward to meeting you.

The Tune Two's tube complement is a pair of CV181 "light polarized without feedback" paired with a "Class A tracking buffer for a hybrid path". There's also an alternate tube-direct output. A battery-emulator power supply has 12 fully regulated voltage fees and the dual-.mono circuit is star grounded for immunity to mains noise and ground loops. The attenuator is a relay-based resistor ladder. There are 4 x RCA line-level inputs plus phono plus RJ45, wireless, 3 x USB, coax and optical. Outputs are hybrid, tube direct and 6.3mm headfi. Voltage gain is 21dB, bandwidth 5Hz – 120kHz and power consumptions 50W at idle. Many different finish and backlighting options are available and the side panels are hot-swappable.