Harbottle C18

Beauty and the beast – Hello Harbottle Audio C18 subwoofer [$5'400 Canadian]. "It combines all the aspects of what a subwoofer should do with extremely low distortion/compression to further the cause of neutral bass. We use carbon fiber to compress the enclosure from the outside for reduced resonances; and a long-stroke underhung driver with exceptional motor force, tight linear inductance and high power handling. The design is tuned to maximize efficiency and deliver effortless transparent bass while maintaining linear performance across the design's bandwidth up to its top output level. The C18 comes in three performance levels that step up every possible performance aspect. The height of performance is realized with the L3's trussed carbon enclosure to maximize rigidity, stiffness and damping in addition to a hyper-performance driver design and 4'800Wrms of power (10'400w peak). The C18 comes with optional display locations front or back, full network connectivity and dual inputs for either twin-use systems or 2.1 systems where left and right channel plug into the plate amp and auto sum. Each active Harbottle sub comes with a remote tuning service for custom crossover and room EQ settings. This removes crossover-induced cancellations for maximum performance. The mains voltage auto switches from 120V to 240V, dynamic range is 120dB, peak-to-peak excursion is 80mm and linear inductance up to peak excursion is ±5%." The 18" woofer is Harbottle's own and this subwoofer measures 67 x 58 x 46cm HxWxD and weighs 39kg.