Sir Georg Friedrich – The Händel monos are the latest creation from Germany's Ivo Linnenberg. They're his first pure class A amplifiers; and first not to run his usual Exicon lateral Mosfets but bipolar outputs. These 100-watt monaural amps double power into 4Ω and again into 2Ω. Their 0Hz-1MHz bandwidth is limited only by i/o filters to 400kHz. S/NR at 1W/8Ω is a linear 98dB from DC to 30kHz. Output voltage is 33Vrms, 94V peak to peak. Input sensitivity is 1.2Vrms, peak current ±50A. Dimensions are 25x21x43cm WxHxD. The Georg Friedrich Händel is also fully balanced from input to output to conform to LinnenberG's philosophy of perfect symmetry and harmony; and the ideal mate to the company's Georg Philipp Telemann reference analog preamplifier cum DAC and matching J.S. Bach MM/MC phono stage. The shown outrigger footers are optional.