GMT – "At the close of 2020, Wilson Benesch brought together a consortium which successfully won £327'000 of Innovate U.K. funding. The group is comprised of Sheffield Hallam University's Dr F. Al-Naemi, Dr J. Travis and Professor G. Cockerham. These scientists enabled the most nuanced sophisticated modelling using state-of-the-art 3D software critical to the project's success. We also teamed up with CAAS Audio's Dr C. Broomfield and N. Broomfield to pioneer a novel motor and dedicated poly-phase motor power supply system. The Omega Drive is a patent-applied-for system with multiple design registrations. All GMT® systems will be manufactured and assembled within the very same building within which the product was designed and developed. This applies to the electronic systems supplied by developers Dr Broomfield and Neil Broomfield. Poly-phase drive signals are synthesized by a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled DAC module whose control software and algorithms were developed in tandem with CAAS Audio. These advanced systems monitor the drive technologies in real time while pure analogue linear amplifiers handle the transfer of the synthesized signals. The GMT® System was designed to meet the needs of the archivist. Its primary goal is to preserve valuable recordings and minimize transcription errors. To achieve this, we provide unprecedented levels of control. For the first time each and every parameter can be controlled to extremely high precision. Significantly, transcription parameters for motor and tonearm can be dialed in remotely."