Gryphon Essence

Gryphon essentials – With their new Essence preamplifier/amplifier set, Gryphon extend class A bias all the way to the loudspeakers. The Essence fully balanced dual-mono line stage with 0.1Hz–1MHz bandwidth -3dB offers 2:3 XLR/RCA inputs, an RCA tape out and XLR main plus RCA subwoofer outputs. There's Gryphon's usual plethora of menu-driven user settings including green bias and AV throughput. Green bias allows the matching Gryphon amp/s to be set to 50, 75 or 100% class A bias. One may optionally install an MM/MC or 32/384 DAC module. Volume control is by 43-step fully balanced relay-switched resistor array. The Essence amplifier with 20A IEC offers 0.5Hz-350kHz -3dB bandwidth with 50/100/190 watts into 8/4/2Ω in stereo or mono modes. A massive 1'350VA toroidal power transformer becomes power station central either way. There is no global feedback and DC coupling relies on a DC servo to correct offset. Pricing ex VAT is €12'800 for the Essence preamplifier and €16'800 for the Essence stereo amplifier.