Gryphon Apex

Gryphondor break down the door – Taking a page from the apex predator and survival of the fittest, Gryphon of Denmark have released their new flagship range. It consists of the Commander preamp with external PSU and Apex stereo/mono amps. The monos pack a total of 128 bipolar output transistors, more than 2 farad of capacitance and 4 x 2'000VA toroidal power transformers. Say hello to 900lbs of T-Rex on your floor. Where power is everything, the Apex monos deliver nearly 1'800Wrms into 1Ω and do so in pure class A. The matching preamp claims new standards for high-current low-noise performance. Capacitive 4.3" TFT displays set into a triangular frame are common to these components. If you must ask price, it's €52'000 for the pre, €82'500 for the stereo and €165'000/pr for the mono amp. This is cost-no-issue fare aimed at ultimate power, control and realism. For more specs, go here.