Sir George Philipp – That'll be LinnenberG Audio's fully symmetrical G.P. Telemann DAC/pre [€17'800] with outboard power supply, bandwidth to 3.5MHz and slew rate of 60V/µs. The conversion engine is an ESS9038Pro. There's dual-differential volume control from -85dB to +10dB including balance offsets via a switched matrix of gold-plated relays and precision resistors. The dot-matrix display is red, the remote control metal. For i/o we see USB, AES/EBU, Toslink and dual coax for digital, RCA and 2 XLR for analog inputs and 2 x XLR variable line outputs. The power umbilical is a 5-pole affair. Data support is PCM up to 32/384 and DSD512 up to 22.4MHz and there are six user-selectable digital filter options. The USB transceiver is a Combo384 Amanero. Basic specs are 11.6dB of voltage gain, 10Ω output impedance per phase, 0.002% THD+N, better than 106dB/1V S/NR and 21Vrms max output. Master clock jitter is 82fs, crosstalk 120dB and output voltage 4Vrms. Power consumption is 35W.