Goldmund new active speakers

Active Swiss – Goldmund have the new Asteria [80K Swiss], Rhea [125K Swiss] and Theia [250K Swiss]. The smallest Asteria 9" 3-way shown is powered by 600 watts of class AB Telos power, with 175 watts each to the tweeter and midrange and 250 watts to the woofer for a claimed 34.5Hz to 25kHz – 6dB bandwidth. 24/96 DSP handles the crossover, room correction and time correction code. Connectivity is wireless or via digital coax. Dimensions are 35 x 110 x 35cm WxHxD, weight is 70kg.  Rhea's woofer scales up to 12", Theia becomes a 4-way which splits Rhea's 7" midrange into 4" and 6" drivers and increases weight to a whopping 200kg.