Genesis Foxtrot & Minuet

A foxy trotter – It's the new Genesis 7 Foxtrot [$13.8K/pr], the largest passive speaker in the G7 range. "To maintain Genesis bass quality without servo-controlled active woofers, we use two 8" woofers in an isobaric configuration to achieve tight, articulate and dynamic bass. It doesn’t look as impressive because one woofer is completely hidden but sounds better than two forward-firing woofers and can fit into a much smaller cabinet." The enclosure material is bamboo ply. The photo shows the size comparison to a rear-aimed Minuet. The 88dB Foxtrot's bandwidth is published as 49Hz-40kHz ±3dB. It features front/rear ring-radiator 'ribbon' tweeters, a 5.5" titanium midrange and the isobaric bass array. Its brightness control has a range of ±4.5dB. The speaker measures 53 x 14 x 16" HxWcD and weighs 86lbs.