Fyne F502SP

Fyne fynd – The F502SP Special Production model combines features of the F500 and F700 ranges to elevate the standard F502. The SP "uses a 200mm IsoFlare™ driver and 200mm bass/mid driver derived from the F702. This unit features a rigid multi-fibre cone with FyneFlute™ roll surround and the F702's 25mm magnesium compression tweeter with wave guide. Further improving the standard F502's BassTrax™ port system, the F502SP benefits from the full aluminium-sandwich-plinth Tractrix bass diffuser developed for the premium F1 series. Re-engineered to tune the F502SP cabinet, the plinth provides solidity and easy leveling while allowing the BassTrax diffuser to create a true 360° LF wave front for easy integration in any room. Merging the F702 technology into the F502 cabinet also demanded a new crossover. Many of the parts choices from the F700 series have been used in tuning the speaker whilst forgoing the costly deep cryogenic treatment and some ultra high-end parts. The SP is available in high gloss black and white as standard [£3'500/pr] or in a new deep-gloss lacquered walnut veneer [£4'000/pr] previously seen on the premium F700 series. All F502SP finishes feature a diamond cut finish on an exposed aluminium driver chassis."