Fyne F501SP

Lesser fyneries? – Fyne Audio don't think so for their new F501SP [£2'800/pr] whose suffix abbreviates Special Production. "SP models distill some of our best components and engineering into models tuned by technical director Paul Mills and handcrafted in our growing Glasgow factory. The concept allows audiophiles to benefit from high-end technology and UK build without the expense of the complex cabinets in our higher-end models." On top sits a 6" IsoFlare dual-concentric with 25mm magnesium-dome compression tweeter in its throat. This is augmented by a 6" dedicated woofer for 180w power handling and 91dB sensitivity. "The standard F501 uses our twin chamber bass port system with downfire port in the lower chamber plus single-layer MDF plinth. The F501SP uses the F700 range aluminium sandwich plinth and machined spacer, spike and knurled locking hardware." The crossover includes ClarityCap capacitors and low-loss laminated core inductors. The SP is available in high-gloss black/white standard or surcharge gloss walnut veneer.