Furutech LAN-8 NCF

NCF comes to LAN – Translated, that's Furutech's NanoCrystal² Formula applied to the plugs of their new Category 8 local-area network cable. That means 40Gbps transmission speeds up to 2'000MHz. NCF generates negative ions to eliminate static and converts thermal energy to far infrared. Furutech combine this material with nano ceramic particles and carbon powder for additional piezoelectric damping. Their LAN-8 NCF also has improved specs for cross talk and noise over a Category 7 cable. The Furutech cable [£120/0.6m – £260/5m] uses 24-gauge silver-plated OCC copper conductors and triple-layered shielding with aluminium foil and copper braiding. 7.5/10m lengths by request.