Fram Midi 150 II

Audio Midi – Not the embedded Mac app in which we switch sample rates but a 2nd-gen active speaker from Poland, the Fram Midi 150 has undergone changes in its mechanics and DSP to be both easier to manufacture and perform even better. "The biggest improvement was really the sound. The new assembly process and processing code really create a true high-end impression now." The Midi 150 and smaller Midi 120 are available in black or silver and with silver or gold trim rings. Analog and digital inputs but no USB create connectivity in the back and a remote control oversees volume and input selection. Both models are available with tripod stands, an oak version for the Midi 150, a metal equivalent for the Midi 120. Their enclosures are all aluminium, their active drivers and passive radiators premium issue from SB Acoustics. The internal class D is proprietary not off the shelf. Custom DSP code specific to each model creates error-forward correction for the analog 1st-order crossover while 5 different sonic profiles allow tailoring to setup and taste.