Fram Arte

Audio art. Framed. – It's Fram's new Arte [€12K/pr] premiering in final production guise at the upcoming Warsaw show. "Audio is an art form, an engineering art of making the perfect sound to create the being-there illusion while sitting in an armchair at home. Audio is also an art of creating forms that are beautiful regardless of function. After all, you only listen to a hifi for a few hours but look at them all day long. Launched in 2017, Fram speakers combine beautiful sound and looks. Our first range was active and very well received. Now we have Arte, a passive design styled like classic cinema spotlights. The sound of the speakers reflects their appearance. Tuned by Ancient Audio, the speakers fill the entire room with a huge soundstage while illuminating all the details. The cabinet's vertical reinforcements not only add stiffness but act as an acoustic comb filter. The internal volume is a combination of three tubes which further improves overall cabinet rigidity." The drivers are from SB Acoustics' Satori range with huge neodymium motors and a unique dimpled ring-dome tweeter all at 91dB to be easy to drive. The 16-part Jantzen xover corrects both amplitude and phase of this classic ported 9½" 2-way design. Dimensions without stand are 462 x 534 x 420mm WxHxD. The wooden or metal stands are 870mm tall. See our slightly longer feature here.