FiiO FT5

FiT5? – Eliminate the almighty 'i' et voilà, FiiO's new FT5 [$499], an open-backed planarmagnetic with 90mm drivers, 3.5/4.4/6.3mm + XLR4 interchangeable plugs, suede or leather swappable earpads and 1.5m silver-plated mono-crystal copper cabling. There's "nano-scale diaphragm coating". There's a motor of 20 x N52 neodymium magnets so the most powerful kind. 11 place on the inside, 9 on the outside of the driver. The claimed 1.5T force in the gap nets 96dB/mW sensitivity. Bandwidth specs as 7Hz – 40kHz and impedance is a mobile-friendly 36Ω. Already rumoured to be next is the R9 with HDMI ARC to present as an either bigger or higher-spec mate of the existing €699 R7 streamer, server, head- and preamp running Android 10.