ferrum Erco

Ergo, Erco – It's ferrum audio's new DAC/headamp [€2'395]. It builds on the standalone Oor headamp by offering 4.4mm Pentaconn and 6.3mm headfi ports plus USB-C, coax and Toslink inputs, RCA/XLR outputs, a pair of RCA analog inputs and a true balanced signal path. 3-stage headphone gain is adjustable from the front panel and the 2.5mm DC port on the back can upgrade the included switching power adapter to the company's Hypsos power supply. The converter engine is an ES9028Pro with MQA decoding and rendering, 32/384 PCM and DSD256. Analog volume control offers a bypass option for the analog outputs. Bandwidth is 10Hz-200kHz ±1dB, headfi power is 6.1wpc/50Ω balanced and 1.7wpc unbalanced. Headfi output impedance is below 0.3Ω then 22Ω on the RCA line-outs and twice that on XLR.