Graphene bass? – Karma-AV's Falcon GC6500R speaker says yes. "It incorporates a number of proprietary technical advances including the Sonaweave™ graphene enhanced nano-platelet cone which allows the diaphragm to be 60% lighter and thinner than conventional driver, with significantly improved rigidity, improved damping and a natural well-controlled roll-off. Computer modelling led Falcon to an inverse hypocycloid profile for the waveguide on their 2" dome horn-loaded midrange. The ribbon tweeter was modified to give an outstandingly smooth response."

The Italian-made cabinet uses 25mm MDF laminated with an extra 9mm of damping throughout. The 38mm Alcantara covered baffle is profiled for minimal diffraction while the 18mm reinforced rear panel features heatsinks within a precision tooled back plate. Finishes include Walnut and Mahogany veneers and, at a premium, exotic wood veneers or any high gloss RAL colour. The GC6500’s smoked glass top is complemented by metal work made from precision-ground MIC6 cast aluminium. Claimed bandwidth ±3dV is 20Hz-40kHz, sensitivity 91dB. Weight is 62kg/ea., dimensions are 120 x 25.5 x 40cm Preicing starts at £18'995/pr.