Exposed – Exposure's new range-topping 5010 series replaces the prior MCX range with a preamplifier and pair of mono amps. At 200 watts, the latter offer twice the power of the 3010 equivalents with an 800W transformer, two 10'000uF filter caps and eight power transistors per channel. The preamplifier sports six line inputs switched by relays. One input can be reconfigured as either MM or MC phono or a 24/192 DAC with a plug-in board. The preamplifier has a balanced output, is DC coupled using output servos and one input capacitor and features a 200W transformer, fast rectifiers and 24 high-quality smoothing capacitors. The 5010 preamplifier sells for £2'000 (£370/£265 extra for DAC/phono module respectively), the pair of 5010 mono amps get £4'550. Finish options are black or silver.