exaSound s88 MkII

Exact streaming – That's exaSound's new s88 MkII streaming DAC. "Featuring a reference-grade 32-bit converter, Roon-Ready streamer and headphone amplifier in a stylish full-size monolithic enclosure, the s88 excels at ergonomic simplicity and sonic perfection." On how the MkII upgrades the original, "new output stages with improved micro-symmetry of the balanced outputs; Tidal Connect lets Tidal apps on iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows stream directly to it; manual selection of PCM reconstructions filters and roll-off filters; new S/PDIF and Toslink settings allow compatibility with consumer-grade devices that exhibit high jitter; Bluetooth audio streaming; new advanced settings refine the transition playback states from track to track." As a multi-channel device, the s88 can play up to 8 channels of DSD256 or two channels at DSD512. The eight channels can be configured for 4-way digital crossovers and the XLR/RCA outputs can be run simultaneously.