EVO3 Super Nova

Black hole or super nova? – Noise goes in but doesn't come out. That's IsoTek's new Ultimate Series power conditioner, the "most sophisticated (passive) front-end source component power cleaning system we have developed so far. It is designed for primary components that typically have a constant current draw, thus CD players, music servers, DACs, preamplifiers, phono stages etc. Each of the eight power outlets has its own dedicated cleaning system and each output over 100'000 Amps (1'840 joules) of protection or over 800'000 combined. Priced at £9'995, the Super Nova features ground filtering fully compliant with certification and safety standards. This is further clamped with an electronic protection circuit. Therefore, each connected component's functional lifetime will increase as well as being totally protected against dangerous power surges and voltage spikes. The Super Nova also includes a sophisticated new choke which allows a series connection that quadruples the inductance, giving a vast filtering increase at a constant 10 amperes if needed. This provides a typical load of 25-40W a massive power reserve. In addition, two specialized RF chokes combined with capacitances produce a high level of classical Pi filtration. Furthermore, there is our unique Nova adaptive gate system which produces the optimum resistance capacitance barrier, eliminating differential mode cross contamination."