Etude 5

Piano etude N°5? – Just about. It's the Etude 5 [€13K/pr for the first four pairs] painted by Shackleford Piano in classic piano-gloss black, white or any RAL colour. The 85dB speaker marries a line array of 4 x 3.35" flat-diaphragm drivers with a 5kHz+ auxiliary ring-radiator tweeter and dual force-cancelling 8" Morel woofers below 100Hz. Those share the BMR array's curved transmission line with frontal exit for time-coincident loading. Filter components are by Falcon, Jantzen and Mundorf. A solderless swappable resistor allows some response tuning. The cabinet combines 15mm MDF panels with a 36mm front baffle plus machined aluminium sub baffle and laser-cut forged steel plinth.