Estelon Aura

Estonian aura – It's Estelon's new Aura [€17.5K/pr], a four-driver 3-way sealed tower with 1" ScanSpeak Illuminator soft-dome tweeter in an elliptical waveguide, dual 5" SB Acoustics Satori mids of papyrus fiber and a downfiring 10" Faital woofer of semi-pressed paper. The latter's loading adds an acoustic low-pass function atop the electrical filter to eliminate output above 80Hz without requiring a massive inductor. Basic specs include 35Hz-25kHz bandwidth, 4Ω nominal impedance with 2Ω/58Hz minima, 90dB sensitivity, 200W power handling and Kubala-Sosna hookup wiring. Standard finishes for the thermoformed artificial stone enclosure are white or black and magnetically affixed grills are included. Dimensions are 1.3m tall with a footprint of 38x37cm WxD. Weight is 34kg/ea, recommended room size 15-60m².