Essential Myni

Ene, mene, myni, moo – That children's verse leads to the Essential Audio Tools Mains Multiplier Myni [€449] built from a solid composite block with inner copper liner. Four IEC C13 plugs take up less space than common IEC C14 variants and claim better contact stability. Two of the outlets are HF filtered, all are star-grounded. A pulse protector to suppress voltage spikes plus a sacrificial mains fuse offer protection but aren't guaranteed to safeguard against the extreme currents from a lightning strike. Delivery includes a 1.5m mains cable plus one each 50cm and 75cm output cord. Extra cords up to 1.5m are available for €79/ea. The photo with two hands for reference demonstrates how compact this device is – all of 183 x 54 x 43mm DxWxH and weighing just half a kilo. The firm have many full-size models but the Myni is particularly made to go where others won't.