Erlkönig at Audio Concierge – The German Vision Ears Erlkönig [£4'199] is now available at Phil Wannel's UK boutique. "Our clients have the means to be perfectly discerning, to recognise the very best and to enjoy it. That’s exactly what the Erlkönig delivers in performance and in style. It’s the perfect addition to our portfolio." A custom-engineered five-way crossover serves the Erlkönig’s thirteen drivers of four bass, four midrange, four treble and a super tweeter. "All that technology rests in a beautifully designed silver shell graced by one of four interchangeable faceplates. A bespoke cable made of pure OCC silver wires connects the monitors to your choice of source, an elegant wooden case keeps the Erlkönig safe at home while a stylish leather case does the same on the road."