Element 114

Flerovium – Symbolized by a fitting 'fi', flerovium is the 114th element in the periodic table. As Element 114 [$15'000), it's the newest stereo amplifier from Merrill Audio. It does 200wpc into 8Ω and keeps doubling down into 2Ω. Without any feedback and claimed zero dead time, it uses a proprietary class D circuit with gallium nitride output transistors. It also uses "a custom LLC resonant power supply with custom transformer as inductor. This ultra-low noise power supply gives the amplifier its seemingly limitless supply of power and ultra-low noise floor at full power. It comes in polished black nickel with rose gold fascia and accents. A 20A AC inlet provides a tighter connection. The Teflon XLR input has rhodium-plated silver pins. The speaker binding posts are pure copper. Gain is 26dB."