Dragonfire – The Mini Dragon system of DAC, amp and DSP bills itself as "a technological breakthrough in full-range two-channel nearfield listening. The sophisticated DSP-controlled planarmagnetic speakers deliver an astonishingly vivid, dynamic, full-range sound with one of the available subwoofer options."

"Built into an anodized aluminum enclosure, the DFA MD-4 is a class-D engine with high-quality A/D conversion for its balanced analog XLRs plus S/PDIF and USB inputs. Advanced speaker correction DSP runs a total of 120 parametric filters, crossovers, delays and compression-limiting circuits. Free of high-frequency damping networks, the MD-4 delivers full power up to 100kHz while the extremely high 250wpc power rating at over 93% efficiency ensures minimal cooling requirements and maximum long-term reliability.

"The 180-watt SB-8P subwoofer seamlessly matches the Mini Dragons and extends response down to 30Hz, cutting off at 200Hz for the handover. It features a long-excursion high-speed low-distortion woofer plus custom long-excursion 8" passive radiator. The premium Dragonfire system includes Dirac's Live Room Correction Suite with calibrated microphone.

"The planar panels use a push-pull neodymium motor for 1.8 Tesla of magnetic field strength driving a less than 2 micron thick polyamide film cryogenically tempered and electroconductively traced." The Dragonfire Acoustics system stems from Orange, California.