Divine Acoustics Kepler

Hot footing – Divine Acoustics from Poland offer the 20kg/ea. capable Kepler isolation footers [€350/3, €450/4] for loudspeakers and electronics. Kepler consists of 40 elements. Its main function of accumulating and dissipating vibrations is carried out by 7 dissimilar layers. Inside a rectangular ceramic bar couples to gemstones arranged in a pyramid shape. The stones are kept in a fixed position and interact with chromium-nickel steel to form a 3-layer system. The pyramid rests directly on the ceramic bar surrounded by other elements that gently compress the entire system. The threaded spindle transmits vibrations from the component or loudspeaker to the top of the pyramid. Steel, chromium, nickel, copper, titanium, molybdenum and auxiliary elements made of wood and polyamide are also part of the structure. Kepler measures 6cm across and is 3.5-4cm tall depending on adjustment. In Germany Len Hifi of Duisburg just took on their distribution.