Def VI

Definition VI defined – Peeling away the next layer on their new flagship reveal, Zu just leaked this 3D render. "For the first time a Zu Definition will have visible wood grain standard. Like Soul VI, Definition VI will be built with Okoumé wood but visible only on the sides and top. Front and back panels are solid composite painted a solid color. Front and rear 3/8" solid-color edges will be seen from the top and side. When the order page goes live, standard finish will be black or white paint plus naked wood grain over which we spray a gloss "guitar finish" durable Vinylester. It's smooth, reflective and brilliant without forcing the high cost of our mirror-gloss finishes on buyers expecting gloss as standard. At no extra charge you may also pick non-gloss satin with the same durability. As an $800 upcharge, you can get the black, red or blue Okoumé dyes from our Soul VI palette and the addition of compatible red, blue, black or white paint on the baffle plates. All other finish options will be custom to require an upfront quote. In that realm we offer alternate color dyes, Nextel, any automotive finish and custom hot-rod fantasies. Labor-intensive, cut-and-polish, hot-rod-level automotive finishes start at +$8K. We mentioned the start price for Definition VI in January: $19'999/pr. We will build and sell the first 50 pairs of Definition VI at that price after which the starting price becomes $23'999/pr."