Aboriginal – From the Czech Republic comes the Deeptime Ltd. sat/sub lifestyle system to let you live in style. Organic shapes and hi-tech 3D printing build it up from sand a grain at a time. The 87dB passive Spirula fits a 3" bamboo-fibre widebander into an inert sealed enclosure for 75Hz-20kHz bandwidth. The matching Thunderstone sub packs a 5.75W downfiring woofer into a triple-ported enclosure plus 110 watts of class D for itself, 60 watts for the Spirula sats. This completes bandwidth to 40Hz. Add one 3.5" analog stereo, one 3.5" digital Toslink port, Bluetooth aptX and AAC. Spirula measures 208 x 117 x 222mm LxWxH. Thunderstone does 372 x 372 x 239mm. The monitors weigh 2.4kg, the powered sub 6.5kg. For added ambience, an amber light shines through the Thunderstone ports and increases lumen with volume. This becomes the Deeptime system's power indicator. The dual-concentric volume control rings on the Thunderstone are magnetic Hall Effect sensors for crackle-free longevity. The outer ring adjusts the bass, the inner wheel overall system output. Being made of anodized aluminium, this twin controller double-tasks as heat sink for the power modules to get comfortably warm to the touch. Only a limited number of these sets will be printed.