Daddy’s home

Daddy's home – If you're Voxativ's Hagen that is. In the Teutonic Nibelungen epic, Alberich was strongman Hagen's dad. And now Alberich is the Voxativ Hagen's active bass stand. But it's still more. "As Alberich Absolut it's an Absolut Hagen system with additional 1'000-watt active woofer module. Full wireless control via Wifi or Bluetooth (AirPlay, UPNP, Roon etc) and widebander drive with 50 watts class A/B like a smaller digital version of our 9.87 system. But if you like to tweak: just ask us for Alberich analog edition with our Lyric or T211 tube amp." In the Alberich configuration, Hagen runs a modified Voxativ AF-1n widebander. Alberich is based on the company's rescaled Z-Bass subwoofer with 96dB custom Voxativ woofer "in a completely open system that has to move nearly zero air volume". With adjustable low pass, Alberich covers the up to 20-200Hz bandwidth.