Cyrus XR

Six is the lucky number – That's not just moons but the new Cyrus XR Series with six new models which introduce refreshed industrial styling for the die-cast chassis. Internally the chase for extreme noise attenuation has completely overhauled earlier power supply, voltage regulation and other parts. On the integrated front fall the i9-XR [€3'995] and i7-XR [€2'495] at 91/52wpc into 6Ω respectively for medium power. Both bundle 4 analog inputs plus MM phono, then 2/ea. optical/coax and USB. There are also fixed/variable pre-outs and a rear-mounted headphone socket. The built-in DAC has user-selectable filters. The Pre-XR [€4'495] is the companion pre/DAC with new toroidal power transformer and premium storage caps. An uprated gen2 QXR DAC sections supports 32/768 PCM and native DSD512, an MM phono module is standard. The input socketry thus matches the two integrated amplifiers. The CDt-XP [€2'195] and CDi-XR [€2'495] are the companion disc transport and player with new reclocker circuit, filters and Cyrus Servo-Evolution mechanics. The player's DAC is naturally optimized for Redbook playback, the transport offers coaxial and optical outputs so no AES/EBU, BNC or I²S. Finally there's the PSU-XR [price TBA] as an outboard power supply with intelligent micro-processor management.