Bronzed sounds? – Black Cat Cable announce the launch of their entry-level Coppertone range. "The Coppertone Interconnect ($199.95/1m/pr + $50 per additional 0.5m)) is an air-dielectric coaxial design employing a helically disposed shield around a thin-walled Teflon tube. Inside the tube is our unique Nami-processed bare 24-gauge solid-core copper conductor. Nami is our process which forms a sinusoidal wave shape into the conductor, allowing it to remain substantially suspended in air for exceedingly low capacitance and high velocity. Terminated with Rean RCA connectors.

"The Coppertone speaker cable ($299.95/2.5m/pr +/- $50 per each additional 0.5m) is a tube-within-a-tube coaxial arrangement of tin-plated copper disposed in helically laid thin tubes separated by a multi filament nylon-braid insulator. Each pole consists of 144 strands @ 36AWG/ea., resulting in a summed conductor area of ca. 1.83mm² or 14.5 gauge. This arrangement allows the Coppertone speaker cable to exhibit low inductance, low skin effect, low proximity effect and low series resistance. Terminated with banana plugs.

"The Coppertone USB cable($149.95/1m + $50 per additional 0.5m) is a traditional USB cable consisting of a twisted pair of data lines, a power line and a ground line all within a multi-layered complex of shields to limit leakage and reduce noise. Terminated with USB A + B connectors."