Concrete W5

W5 in concrete? – Whilst Concrete Audio's B1 [€3'490/pr] bears a superficial resemblance to the Boenicke W5, it goes its own way by being sealed not ported, active not passive and using horizontally opposed woofers, not just one. And rather than a wooden clam shell, its casing is monolithic concrete so altogether different. 56-bit DSP runs the filter at 50MHz whilst A/D and D/A operate at 24 bits. Internal power is in class D and i/o are 3.5mm analog stereo in, 3.5mm sub out and Bluetooth V3.0 wireless in. There's IR remote control and bandwidth of 45Hz – 20kHz. Weight is 18kg and dimensions are a compact 39x16x29.5cm HxWxD. Various finishes are available.