Concerto Kiel

Concerto Kiel – That's Elac's new Concentro S509 [€15'998/pr gloss lacquer, €16'998/pr gloss veneer], a 7-driver 4-way in the German company's flagship range. A dual-concentric driver of central air-motion transformer in the throat of an aluminium cone hands over to a faceted lower midrange at 400Hz which at 120Hz passes the baton to two pairs of opposed 18cm woofers on the cheeks for a force-cancelling bass array. For in-room tuning, a set of three different 'directivity control rings' can alter the mix of direct/reflected sound on the coaxial unit. A bass-reflex port fires into the floor. The cabinet is a complicated rearward slimming geometry with a bowed front baffle, rising top and matching albeit differently angled bottom held up by long rear braces. Biwire Furutech terminals round out the design.